unique organic grains

three unique grains and flours offered

Tibetan Purple Barley

$8 for 2 lb bags of seed or flour

This purple variety is hull-less, so it has not been refined (pearled) like most commercial barley, leaving all the nutrients in tact. It has a rich, nutty flavor, which pleases many people. It is high in fiber and anti-oxidants. Use it in soups, stews, salads or a side dish. The flour makes great pancakes, bread and even cakes.

20lb+ sacks also available at a discount price.


Khorasan Wheat from Egypt, aka “Kamut”

$6 for 2 lb bag seed

$8 for 2 lb bag flour

This ancient wheat comes from Egypt. It is high in protein and minerals. It contains a unique type of gluten, which is usually easier to digest than modern wheat gluten. It tastes sweet and buttery. This grain reminds us to chew our food for the full benefit, although you don’t need to eat a lot of it to feel a sustained energy. It is filling and fulfilling.  As a flour, it can be used in all kinds of baked goods. I especially like it in pancakes, bread and pasta noodles.

‘Hank’ – a red hard spring wheat

$6 for 2.5 lb of seed

$6 for 2 lb flour

This variety is quite well adapted to the coast. It grows a delicious wheat grass and can be used like regular whole wheat, in breads, cakes, tortillas etc…

20 lbs – $40   (excellent for wheat grass growing)

also on request:

wheatgrass flats $25

packaging is recycled and compostable.

please call to find out about local distribution and shipping options.

georgina 202 256 0915

*why “boutique”?  the origin of the word is from old french, ‘botica’ for apothecary, which meant storehouse of herbs, medicines and special foods. for a long time boutique also meant just storehouse of unique items. storehouse ‘keepers’ became shopkeepers in 1366. but the boutique / storehouse did not become an actual retail shop until 1776, and it was in 1953 that boutique became dominantly known as a small elite fashion shop obscuring the previous use of the word.

this reclaiming the word boutique is inspired by the concept of food as medicine. it is also to honor the uniqueness of these products and the extensive effort involved in their production. we have laughed at our operation as ‘boutique farming‘ when we touched and handled these grains once again along the journey of them getting from the fields to your kitchen. and also the barn where they are kept is a storehouse of these precious living seeds. i also feel like a ‘seed-keeper’, stewarding these nutritious grains, co-evolving with them to this bioregion, and contributing to the food security and health of whidbey island, by having them available to sell and distribute to the people. to you!


2 Responses to boutique

  1. John Lovie says:

    Hi Georgina,

    I like to bake bread (and brew beer …). I’m sure your hard red winter wheat is great for bread. How about the kamut? And how can I keep the diatomaceous earth out of my grinder? I live in Bayview, but I can pick up. I’m interested in the 20# bags.

    732 236 9392

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