applying the biodynamic preparations

the vortex

We stirred and applied the biodynamic preparations after planting some winter grains to our little zone (14 acres) of the prairie yesterday. Big thanks to Alex for his enthusiastic help. The preparations we used are various compounds created with cow manure, medicinal plants, and minerals, using traditional alchemical techniques. On a physical level, the preparations stimulate the biology of the soil, especially the quality and quantity of micro-organisms present (fungi, bacteria etc).  On an energetic, less tangible level, the preparations are like fertilizer for the invisible and elemental world, but this is tricky terrain, and I best not try to explain it on a brief blog post! Back to the photos.

alex and the oak barrel

This involves a particular method of stirring the biodynamic preparations into a 50 gallon barrel of water for one whole hour. The stirring creates a vortex, this creates some order, which is then crashed, creating chaos, as one then begins stirring in the opposite direction to form another vortex. This action is repeated for an hour.

creating order

creating chaos

Once the stirring is complete, we use back pack sprayers to apply the preparation to the fields. This whole process took two of us about four hours, to cover 14 acres. We are enjoying the transformation of these fields, in just two years, the increase in biological activity and structure in the soil is tremendous, in my humble opinion.

taking it all in, as the sun goes down

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