Local Organic Grains – Ancient, Nutritious, Tasty

harvest festival - coupeville


Khorasan Wheat (aka kamut)

This ancient wheat comes from Eypyt. It is high in protein and minerals. It contains a unique type of gluten which is usually easier to digest than modern wheat gluten. It tastes sweet and buttery. This grain reminds us to chew our food for the full benefit, although you don’t need to eat a lot of it to feel a sustained energy. It is filling and fulfilling.  As a flour it can be used in all kinds of baked goods. I especially like it in pancakes, bread and pasta noodles.


Tibetan Barley

This purple variety is hull-less, so it has not been refined (pearled) like most commercial barley, leaving all the nutrients in tact. It has a rich, nutty flavor, which pleases many people. It is high in fiber and anti-oxidants.

‘Hank’ – a red hard spring wheat

This variety is quite well adapted to the coast. It grows a delicious wheat grass and can be used like regular wheat.

I am offering these three grains from the 2010 harvest, as a whole seed or in flour form. You can find these grains at local markets on Whidbey Island or through Whidbey Green Goods. Please call for inquiries. 202 256 0915


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