why boutique?

back of the truck boutique items!

*why “boutique”?  the origin of the word is from old french, ‘botica’ for apothecary, which meant storehouse of herbs, medicines and special foods. for a long time boutique also meant just storehouse of unique items. storehouse ‘keepers’ became shopkeepers in 1366. but the boutique / storehouse did not become an actual retail shop until 1776, and it was in 1953 that boutique became dominantly known as a small elite fashion shop obscuring the previous use of the word.

this reclaiming the word boutique is inspired by the concept of food as medicine. it is also to honor the uniqueness of these products and the extensive effort involved in their production. we have laughed at our operation as ‘boutique farming‘ when we touched and handled these grains once again along the journey of them getting from the fields to your kitchen. and also the barn where they are kept is a storehouse of these precious living seeds. i also feel like a ‘seed-keeper’, stewarding these nutritious grains, co-evolving with them to this bioregion, and contributing to the food security and health of whidbey island, by having them available to sell and distribute to the people. to you!

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  1. K Thomas says:

    i was very interested in all of this……..

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