wheatgrass shots – green sunlight – so good!

a green shot to make my cells happy!


a sweet way to cleanse your system, mainline some nutrients and balance your blood. wheatgrass juice is used therapeutically for chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes. it’s benefits are widely documented. i recently purchased a fancy stainless steel manual wheatgrass juicer to try my very own wheatgrass shots grown here on ebey’s prairie. i’m very happy with the germination and flavor of the “hank” variety of red hard spring wheat. i am now selling small bags (2.5 lbs) for $6, or larger sacs (20 lbs) for $40. these seeds are locally grown and certified organic. i am also growing wheatgrass flats by request. a large flat is $25. you can get two cuttings from this. i use a biodynamic compost blend in my greenhouse. let the chlorophyll flow!

red hard spring wheat seeds & flour


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2 Responses to wheatgrass shots – green sunlight – so good!

  1. joana johnston says:

    wish i were there to imbibe! By the way your photo is lovely>

  2. joana johnston says:

    let me add that your recipes are scrumptuous…..I am off to the kitchen to soak the grains

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