biodynamic grains on whidbey island?

mark and mary spraying biodynamic preps

in 2009 i chose to become kin with some land on ebey’s prairie near coupeville. drawn by the dark soft soil, supported by the openness and generosity of a local landowner, ken pickard, an experiment was begun: to grow high quality nutritious grains for human consumption, without machinery or cows! ambitious, and some say crazy!

ken with his rake and seed disperser ready for some hand planting

we began with a 7 acre slope, and in the spring of 2010 we turned in a hay field, sprayed some biodynamic preparations and planted some khorasan wheat from eygpt, (aka kamut), some purple prairie barley from tibet, and a red hard spring wheat called ‘hank’. the summer was quite cold and quite wet, not ideal conditions for the ripening of grains. ¬†fortunately, we did harvest these crops, dried them for safe storage, and began the challenging project of cleaning these grains. i mentioned the lack of machines, well capital is a little lacking too, despite the kindness of my very supportive father, we could not yet justify buying a seed separator ($7000), so it has taken until now to have these 3 grains ready to market. however they are ready to find their way to your kitchen pantry and dining table soon!

ken and georgina, first time spraying the field biodynamically!

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